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Office HR Features with Admob(React Native Expo Sdk35):

Daily Attendance - Everyday attendance with reports of office check in time, check out time, working time & absent

Location Tracking- Employees can check in, check out & check point of full day with live map location, you can find your worker in real time, all day timeline

Employee Detail- Get updates of each worker Full Day Location, Monthly Attendance & Leave Requests

Leave Requests - Employees can request for Sick Leaves, Casual Leaves & Others to Admin with Dates & Reason for Approval

Multiple Company - One Admin can manage multiple businesses with strong database and smooth accessing

Notice Board - Easily send notices to all Employees anytime from anywhere

User Friendly App - We designed this app after researching UX/UI for months and developed using the latest tech tools for better user experience


Admob Integrated

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Multi-Platform Usage
Manage your field service operations through mobile app also Field employees can work with the mobile app.

“Managing your field service operations & field employees are very easy now”

You Will Get:

1. Full react native expo source app

2. Backend Api project(

3. Database script

4. Admin app,User App And Api full documentation

✔️ Demo apk link :


Demo Login:

Admin: User Name: 01670959051 Password: 12345678

User: User Name: 01736659047 Password: 373542

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